In April 2017 the National Széchényi Library has started a web archiving pilot project as a part of its comprehensive IT infrastructure development programme in order to grant long term preservation of internet resources. The aim of these research and development activities is the establishment of a prospective Hungarian Internet Archive.

Between 2017-2019 approximately 20 thousand cultural, scientific, educational and public life websites were selected and were archived several times per year. Furthermore two comprehensive, representative harvest has made from hundreds of thousands of websites in the Hungarian web sphere. The total size of the web archive is approx 29 TB in November 2019 with approx 500 million saved files/URLs. Due to copyright reasons the major part of the archive has restricted access, however three smaller sub-collection are available publicly, one of them is this Rákóczi Memorial Year Collection. Further information and public sub-collections can be found on the project website.